Monday, 8 August 2011

Lip Smacking Pizza Varieties

Are you a vegetarian looking for a big treat that goes easy on the spices, the one that’s got it all, one that is not high on the pocket? Savor the deluxe veggie pizza from Dominos. You will not regret. So, what are the toppings that you can expect in a Deluxe Veggie Pizza. It is a blend of capsicum, onions, golden corn, mushrooms, and paneer, all nutritious items. And price of a Dominos deluxe veggie pizza is very low. More other items that you will love to savor from the Dominos menu are extravaganza pizza, double burst stimulation, and more.

The veg Extravaganza Pizza is made up of a whole lot items. In the true sense of the term, the pizza staggers under an overload of so many nutritious items! Golden corn, crisp capsicum, crunchy onions, juicy fresh tomatoes, jalapeno, succulent mushrooms, and extra cheese – having a veg extravaganza pizza is like having a whole meal.

With Dominos you have a choice of crusts as well – double burst stimulation, cheese burst, classic hand tossed, ultimate deep dish, and wheat thin crust. Rich liquid cheese and seasoned creamy spread filled inside the crust is the specialty of double burst stimulation.

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