Thursday, 28 July 2011

Discount Pizza Coupons and Pizza Price Deals

Well buddies, especially those who love having pizzas and other related stuff from Dominos. Pizza price has gone down; you can get a coupon pizza starting from Rs. 39 only. Isn’t that a great deal? And you buddies can even download discount pizza coupons from the Dominos corporate site. Whenever you go outdoors, singly or in a group, you can take those discount Pizza Online coupons and have a feasty blast. You can even gift your near and dear ones these discount pizza coupons.

As per a coupon pizza, for a veg singles you need to pay only Rs. 39. Likewise, pizza price under coupon pizza for veg doubles is Rs. 55, non veg singles Rs. 65, non veg doubles Rs. 75, coke Rs. 15, pasta Rs. 45. Other than the aforesaid discounted pizza price, you also get discounts for other foodstuff as well. For example, for Mexican Green Wave that is vegetarian, you will need to pay only Rs. 45 and Rs. 55 for the non-veg variety. Every new day, you will come across a different deal. That only facilitates a fun-filled small or big party besides satiating the taste buds of the individual foodie freak. Finger-licking taste is created only at Dominos!

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