Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pizza Coupons and Double Cheese Margherita

Ever had pizza using pizza coupons? With pizza discount already attracting pizza freaks like me the pizza coupons further add to the appetite. I just love savoring double cheese margherita from Dominos. The very utterance waters my mouth. Tomato sauce, cheese and tomato, golden brown crust, bubbling cheese – the double cheese effect further enhances the taste. That’s Double Cheese Margherita. I almost always avail the pizza offer every time I have double cheese margherita at the Dominos Pizza outlet.

At Dominos, pizza coupons are offered for most of the foodstuff in the menu. Just go through the pizza offer deal at its official website or call up at the hotline number to know about it. For example, as part of pizza coupons, pizza mania starts at Rs. 39. This new taste and great price is available for veg singles (Rs. 39), veg doubles (Rs. 55), non veg singles (Rs. 65), non veg doubles (Rs. 75). With pizza coupons, you can get coke at Rs. 15 and pasta at Rs. 45. Almost everyday, Dominos has a new Pizza Online offer to surprise foodie freaks enhancing their happiness. With such pizza discount, you only buy happiness and appease your craving for the delectable foodstuff!

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