Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Great Deals on Steaming Hot and Finger-licking Good Pizzas

Talk of home delivery food and Dominos yummy, crunchy, delicious pizzas top everyone’s mind. Pizzas may have been a speciality since time immemorial in Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines, but in India it is Dominos that has transformed and adapted it to Indian pallets retaining the basic pizza flavor. Small, medium and large pizzas – you get them all. There are over 240 Dominos stores across the country. Have your favorite pizza at any of the outlets or at your home. Thanks to home delivery of food; Dominos provides pizzas packed in the HotBags deliver them in just 30 minutes right at your doorsteps.

Dominos has, for the last one and a half decades, been catering to consumers’ home delivery food needs in time maintaining the consistency of quality, quantity and punctuality. Dominos has always surprised its consumers with the best pizza deal rolled out every week or almost every month. The best pizza deal is when you opt for large pizzas; you can get 50 percent off on your next purchase or just a discount of Rs. 100. Large pizzas can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and you can choose your toppings as well. Look for the best pizza deal at

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