Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Let your Hunger do the Talking and Order a Pizza

Dominos has revolutionized fast food delivery adding a professional and emotional touch to every pizza home delivery. Dominos sticks to its commitment that if the pizza home delivery is not done in 30 minutes then you get your order for free. If this sounds great then you would be intrigued to know about the other exciting deals that dominos has on offer for its consumers. If you buy a 3 cheese pizza then you get 50 percent off on the next pizza of same or more value. So if you are a cheese pizza fan then this deal is just the best one for you. Through Dominos pizza coupons, which let you avail great discounts, you can enjoy a melting hot cheese pizza at the convenience of your home delivered right at your doorsteps. You can opt for pizza home delivery through phone or the Internet. Dominos has a menu of affordable pizzas for the consumers. The most affordable pizzas under the Pizza Mania category start at INR 39 only including veg singles at Rs. 39, veg doubles at Rs. 55, non-veg singles at Rs. 65, non-veg doubles at Rs. 75, and the list goes on. Enjoy delicious pizzas at great prices.

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