Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Online orders and pizza hot delivered

I am a Domino’s Pizza fan on Facebook….reasons are obvious. Domino’s is the only pizza company in India that facilitates consumers to buy pizza online. Besides, it also runs a dedicated home delivery number. No matter what time you order, pizza hot is always delivered. You will feel as if it is prepared in front of you and served right away! And the Dominos Pizza Menu includes such a huge range of meals and extra orders that you will be spoilt for choices. It is not only in veg but also in non veg that the pizza menu includes an assorted range of meals to suit different taste buds.

I am a member of the Dominos Wow club. When I order pizza online, I avail the latest offers and discounts. This only helps me save a lot on my pocket. I do gain a competitive advantage when I go for bulk orders, especially when friends turn up or whenever I feel like hosting a small party. And as aforesaid pizza hot delivered at the doorsteps only adds to the taste enhancement. Like me many of my friends and neighbors order Dominos pizza online and get Pizza Hot delivered in 30 minutes!

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