Monday, 21 November 2011

Order a Pizza Online with Dominos

Want to order a pizza online? Dominos is your answer. Alternatively, you may dial 68886888, the Dominos pizzas delivery number, to order your favorite pizza. All Dominos pizza types and the extra side orders are scrumptious; once you savor, the moment will surely stay with you. It is no surprise if you skip a home meal and more such meals substituting the same with pizza. When pizza price is low and when Pizzas Delivery is facilitated you only gain a competitive advantage. You can order a pizza online only with Dominos. No other pizza companies in India facilitate consumers order pizza online.

When it comes to pizza price, it differs according to size and types. Pizza Price for regular size of veg varieties may range around the figures of Rs. 75, Rs. 110, and Rs. 155; medium ranging around the figures of Rs. 155, Rs. 225, and Rs. 285; and large ranging in the figures of Rs. 295, Rs. 385, and Rs. 445. Pizza price of non veg varieties range in the figures of Rs. 110, Rs. 155, and Rs. 195 for regular; Rs. 225, Rs. 285, and Rs. 330 for medium; and Rs. 385, Rs. 445, and Rs. 495 for large. 

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