Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dominoz food delivery in 240 plus stores

Pizza home delivery from 240 plus stores across the country – that’s Dominoz. The introduction of home delivery of food service has indeed unburdened the hassles of getting ready and visiting food stores to appease the appetite. Had there been no food delivery service facilitated, eateries would have been always crowded and those who are hungry would have hardly got space to be seated.

When it comes to Dominoz pizza home delivery, any of the food items in the menu including side orders can be ordered. And you get the pizzas delivered at your doorsteps in 30 minutes. If it is a bulk order, the timeline guarantee may not be followed. Bulk pizza home delivery is bound to terms and conditions. The Dominos pizza home delivery number is 68886888. All eateries that facilitate food delivery do run single helpline numbers including dedicated numbers. The 240 plus Dominoz stores have multiple numbers to facilitate fans in the respective vicinities to place an order to their convenience.

The very time you feel hungry or just want to satisfy your taste buds with your favorite pizza, just dial the Dominoz pizza home delivery number and order happiness. Many a party also gets hosted with Dominoz pizza items.

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