Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pizza delivery, online orders, and price

Thanks to the online order facility introduced by Dominos. I am able to order a pizza online at its corporate site without having to dial the pizza delivery number. The online ordering concept is not a new phenomenon but considering the organized pizzerias in the country, I must say it is Dominos that has pioneered this concept. No other pizzerias except Dominos facilitate consumers order a pizza online. And the same time is taken for the pizza delivery - 30 minutes at the maximum. But few pizza delivery orders are bound to terms and conditions, particularly if it is a bulk order.

When spoken about pizza price, it is affordable, suiting the pockets of all. The pizza price differs in terms of size and toppings. Larger the size and more varied the toppings higher is the pizza price. Then Dominos introduces offers and deals from time to time. Fun meals and pizza mania are still popular amongst pizza fans. As part of the offers, you can get a veg pizza at only Rs. 39 and a non veg at Rs. 65. Availing pizza coupons, you can get some good discounts on any pizza type irrespective of whether it is veg or non veg.

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